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Welcome to Thai By Joe website! We are glad to have you here. We want to invite you to check our menu and all our restaurant information. Taste our delicious Soups, Salad, Curry, Stir Fry, Noodles, Fried Rice and our Desserts. Don't wait longer and order online. We will be waiting for you. Remember you will have special discounts when ordering online, enjoy your visit and bon appetit

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28 Kent St W, Ontario

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Thai By Joe
Thai By Joe

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Thai By Joe
Kim St-Onge

-Best Thai ever! Vegetables are never overcooked, and the food is so flabourful, as well as fresh. People are great ?-

Thai By Joe
Thai By Joe
Giorgios Karaiskakis **ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ**

-I had to take the time to write this review even though I was just passing by the area for a few days. I’m a die hard foodie, I have eaten foods from all over the world and from almost every ethnicity. I have eaten at some of the best Thai food restaurants in Toronto and abroad. This place deserves recognition. Basil fried rice was spot on, with egg and scallions done the right way. Spicy eggplant and tofu was excellent and the Lemongrass Chicken Tom Yum soup was just as good as the best places in Toronto. The people in Lindsay and surrounding area should feel lucky having a place that delivers authentic style Thai cuisine at this level of authenticity. Places that serve food like this are EXTREMELY rare in rural areas. I have had some of the worst Chinese food I have ever eaten in my entire life in this same geographical area and I wouldn’t wish that Chinese food on my worst enemy. To the owners, keep up the great work. The food was great with authentic Thai flavours and all of the right ingredients. You must try the food here, you will not be disappointed.-

Thai By Joe
Thai By Joe
Meagan JohnstonDvffrffgiouccbhitre

-This is my absolute favourite restaurant to get take out in town! We get 2-3 meals out of our order and it tastes phenomenal even the next day ! Highly recommend Thai By Joe!-

Thai By Joe
Thai By Joe
Gregg W

-First time eating here and, trying curry. Excellent taste and super fresh. Appetizer for Two: Fantastic and just enough.-

Thai By Joe
Thai By Joe
sam bonar

-Food was so fantastic. Great balanced flavours. Presentation was beautiful. The chef is very talented. What a pleasure-

Thai By Joe